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Who is Paloma ?

Born in 1970, paloma stayed several times in the USA where she improved her communication skills (ou followed training courses in communication techniques.
But Paloma is an artist.
Her grandfather, who was born in a cave in Andalousia, writes poems and he can sig the flamenco. He emigrated to recover his freedom.
This freedom is what Paloma is looking for through art. Isn't the search for Art a way of making men free?
For her grandfather she learnt how to dance the flamenca but can't she also sing it?

She wants to trancend it, transform it into a beautiful one, a love song. This is how painting becomes a sort of writing, a way of expressing herself to overcome the absurde.
For paloma, it's less the expression of what she does than the expression of what she is.

This authenticity in her expression by freeing her spontaneity allows her to reveal the best of herself: hope and love.

Her paintings are also to be seen in several private collections in Spain, Costa Rica or California (one of her "toros" illustrates a book)
She lives in Camargue (in the south of France), a place that brings her closer to Valencia and Albufera, but also to Almeria, her grandfather's province. This surprising sensitiveness in expression enable us to discover her outstanding personality